Packing services

Packing services

TLC offer a whole range of packing services to suit all needs.


  • Fully insured packing and removal

  • Delivery of all necessary packing materials

  • Partial packing priced per box can be done

  • Separate or same-day packing and removal

Why choose us?

We will make your packing easy.

Domestic removals

     TLC Packing Services


We offer a variety of packing services from full packs to china and glass only packs, the reason most people use our packing service is to save time and effort.

But one best of the unrealised reasons is that you can live in your home as normal right up to the day before the move, as we will come in the day before moving to pack everything.

This means that you are not living with piles of boxes and searching through for items that have been packed in the weeks leading up to the move.

Our packing services start from only £ 99.00 but if you decide to pack yourself we can provide all your materials if needed.


Here at TLC removals, you can find a removals packing service to meet your needs and budget. Whether you’re moving home in the UK or relocating internationally, our convenient packing options will suit your move and save you time.

Owner-packed service

If you’d prefer to pack your own belongings and not sure how

we have a short video below to help you pack like a professional and avoid  damage .

 TLC removals can supply all the packing materials you need.

packing materials.jpg

Fragile pack service

TLC removals will supply you with packing materials to pack most items yourself,

and our professional crew will pack your kitchen china, glassware, mirrors,

pictures and ornaments to maximise the protection of your goods.

Commercial clients can take advantage of

Full packing service


A TLC removals moving team will safely pack everything in your home.

This is a convenient service designed to save you time and effort.

If you’d like to discuss your removals packing needs or get a quote,

don’t hesitate to get in touch with TLC removals today. And don’t forget

that we offer removals insurance if you’d like extra assurance when moving home.


If you are moving home and want to do your own packing

just remember one of the most important things about your house removal is the packing.

Using the wrong packing materials

can result in an unsafe load making it  unsafe for the guys carrying out

your removal service as well as putting your goods at risk.

choosing the right packaging materials .

Is key for a smooth removal service sometimes people choose to get their packaging 

materials from the local supermarket or online, in my experience you will always

be better to get your removal boxes from the company you decide to use

for your removal service,


Pack like a proessional

If you decide to pack yourself then please take the time to watch this video  

Kitchen Packing Tips

 1 Large & Small Appliances

Tape everything closed to avoid swinging doors

Don’t forget to defrost fridge/freezer before moving day

Keep items such as kettles and toasters handy as they are essential for your first day

To pack your toaster without making a mess, empty it upside down outside

3 Glasses, Mugs & Cups

Don’t overload on the packing of glass, the box won’t be able to take the weight

Pad the box in between glasses with bubble wrap and tea towels

Stack the cups in polystyrene cups to avoid breakages

Do not stack heavy items on top of your glasses, mugs or cups

Living Room Tips

1 Mirrors and Glass Frames

Tape an ‘x’ onto the glass using packing tape to prevent shattering

Use corner protectors to guard the edges from damage

Cover the surface with a layer of cardboard

Keep mirrors and glass upright with no items stacked on it during transit

3 Rugs & Carpets

Clean the rug before you start to pack it up

Roll and tie each end of the rug with twine or string to secure it

Don’t wrap your area rug in plastic as this will cause mould and mildew

Wrap the rug in sheets of thick paper and tape it closed

Bathroom Tips

1 Toiletries & Medicine

Try and use up all toiletries before the move, to avoid taking up valuable space

Wrap tape around opened toiletry lids to avoid any spillages

Pack toiletries in zip lock bags once the lids are taped

Do not pack away medicine or tablets you’ll need daily

3 Towels

Towels act as a great protector for most items, combining packing and protection in one

Ensure all towels are washed before using as padding

Ensure all towels are washed before using as padding

For the remaining towels, simply fold and pack on top of clothes in suitcase

2 Crockery & Fragile Items

Stack your plates with polystyrene plates in between each one to avoid damage

Don’t wrap plates in newspaper, this won’t stop a break in the removal van

Pack items first that are least used such as cookbooks and big mixing bowls

Create a ‘cushion’ at the bottom of the box to safely pack your plates

4 Food

Don’t do a food shop the week before moving as it’ll likely be wasted

Take your tinned food and other cupboard foods with you or to a homeless shelter

Make sure you have packed a lunch for moving day

Have milk, bread and any other essential food ready for once you’ve moved in

2 Electronics

Backup your important files and documents

Check if you have the gadget’s original packaging to easily pack

Use bubble wrap, blankets and towels to protect your electronics

Remove any temperature-sensitive items from inside your electronics

4 Furniture

Dismantle furniture if it can be easily put back together

Cover furniture with protective furniture covers or blankets for the move

Wrap tape or plastic wrap around the covers to further secure the item

Take off chair/sofa covers and pillows and pack them separately in plastic covers

2 Makeup

Put cotton-wool on top of compressed powders to stop it cracking

Cover eyeshadow palettes with bubble wrap and wrap tape around

Pack nail-varnishes in newspaper and then place them in a plastic zip bag

Separate make-up in to liquids, creams & powders.

4 Electrical Hair Appliances

 Limit the amount of straighteners and dryers you’ll take with you

Pack appliances by wrapping the wire aroMOVING TIPSund the appliance

When packing into the box, place the heavier appliances at the bottom

Keep all of your hair appliances, brushes, hair ties and clips together in a labelled box

Bedroom Tips

1 Mattresses & Bed Frames

Dismantle beds ahead of moving day, and sleep in sleeping bags or a blow-up bed

Put all of the nuts, bolts and Allen keys into bags and tape them to main frame of bed

Use protective mattress covers to ensure no damage is done during the move

If you’re not using a removal company, place the mattress in between furniture

2 Drawers & Wardrobes

To use space wisely, keep the clothes and items in your drawers, taping them closed

Empty your wardrobe. This will help you to finally get rid of all your unwanted clothes

Dismantle your wardrobe carefully, or to make it easier, get the removal company to do it

If the wardrobe isn’t so big, it won’t need to be dismantled

3 Clothes

Pack your clothes in vacuum compression bags to save room

If it’s summer, start packing winter clothes or clothes you know you won’t need

Make a wardrobe by getting a tall box with a pole inserted through with cable ties

Packing clothes into a suitcase is an easy method to transport clothes during the 

4 Jewellery & Accessories

Pack chained necklaces through a plastic straw to avoid tangling

Pack jewellery in a large egg box to avoid damage

Small dainty earrings can be transported in pill/medication boxes

Any valuable items should be kept with you, just in case it gets misplaced

TLC removals provide free removals and s

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